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Our Members' Benefits

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1Stop Photography is a comprehensive platform that equips photographers, videographers and other businesses serving or operating in the photography industry. Whether you are a hair-stylist, makeup artist, designer, programmer, printer, framer, agency you are welcome to join the exciting 1Stop-Photography experience . We offer you the following opportunities:

    • By taking advantage of all the features you are able to substantially increase your business’ online blueprint. With the assistance of our intuitive system you will have a greater chance to generate more leads and acquire new clients.
    • Advertise yourself in 1Stop-Photography’s Classified section to list yourself in even more places. 

    • By signing up to our online shop you not only increase your chance to sell your products and services but you empower yourself to establish a solid ground in a global marketplace. 1Stop-Photography’s Shop will take you beyond our site to the World’s largest online marketplaces like Amazon, E-Bay and Facebook’ Marketplace. 
    • You can promote your events, workshops and online courses on our site. Furthermore you can sell tickets to these events in 1Stop-Photography’s Shop.
    • You can also rent your studio or list your property for sale on 1Stop-Photography.
    • Attract new clients and retain existing ones by create your unique Coupons.

  • JOBS
    • You may search our job posting to find opportunities to advance in your career. You may be a seasoned veteran or just starting your career, you have a great chance to find your next challenge here on 1Stop-Photography.
    • Connect with Employers and other companies in the photography industry.
    • Those companies working in the photography industry and seeking employees to grow their business can browse our membership and post their jobs on 1Stop-Photography. Our simple and easy to use system allows anyone to keep track of applicants by the job postings.

    • Reviews help you to build and maintain your reputation. 1Stop-Photography provides you the option to obtain and manage reviews from your existing clients. 
    • Having great reviews will boost new potential clients’ confidence to choose your services and connect with you.
    • Once you sign up, you will have a link directly to your profile which you can send to your existing clients to request reviews. 

    • For administering all the above features, we have an intuitive and easy-to-use profile management system. We made very simple profile features for you to use and the more are utilized the more chance you have to succeed.  
    • Your profiles is a great marketing tool to showcase your talent. Upload you your photos and videos to your portfolio.
    • Build your very own brand on 1Stop-Photography by uploading your logo, brochures and explainer videos. You may also connect all your existing online presence by simply linking them to your 1Stop-Photography portfolio. 
    • 1Stop Photography also offers a service to assist you to customize your portfolio page according to your needs. Contact us for further details.
    • Premium and Business portfolios also include built in metrics to keep track of visitors’ traffic. 


1Stop-Photography also welcomes Associations and Clubs to become our members.

  1. Does your Association / Club need more exposure to increase its membership? 
  2. Does your organization want to have an online marketplace to sell tickets to your events (Annual General Meeting, Fundraiser), online professional courses and workshops?
  3. Do you want to offer great tools to your members to succeed in their profession?

If your answer yes to any of these questions, 1Stop-Photography is a great solution for your needs. Contact us to discuss further details, how your organization can benefit the most by joining us.

The opportunities are truly endless. To experience the 1Stop Photography difference for yourself, sign up today.