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Benefits for Employers



Any individual/business or company can be an employer on our site whose intent is to employ professionals from the photography industry. 

Regardless your business presently operates in other industries – such as automobile, biochemical, medical, pet supply, fashion, media, etc. - you are welcome to join 1Stop-Photography.

We ask you to contact 1Stop-Photography and we send you the link where you can sign up for posting job openings. This is a necessary step for us to be able to verify all businesses for authenticity.

  • Employers will be able to communicate directly with applicants via a private message board. This means no emails or phone numbers get exchanged and all of the communication happens right on 1Stop-Photography.com. This helps to keep your privacy without ever giving away your contact information.
  • Employers can easily track all of their job applicants per job posting. Each job posting includes its very own inbox of applicants which employers can turn to at any time.
  • Job posts are mainly focused on the photography industry however, general users are also able to apply
  • Unlimited Job Posts through the year, best ROI
  • Upload your Job Post in minutes
  • Get notifications of applications
  • Communicate directly in private
  • Promote your business on 1Stop-Photography


1. Request a link to join our site.

2. Create Your Portfolio

3. Upload your Job Postings

4. Search Candidates

5. Hire Employees