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Dynalite SR3200 Ring Flash

Posted By Beau Photo on 04/13/2018 in Lighting


The Dynalite SR3200 Ring Flash provides a crisp, almost shadowless light when used with a Dynalite power pack. It can handle up to 3200 watt/seconds. The SR3200 has a 16′ (4.8 m) head-to-pack cable. It can be used with any 35mm style, or medium format camera. The included handle and bracket allow hand-held or tripod use. Its interior 100mm diameter permits use of a wide variety of your lenses.

Sale $1999.00 Reg. $3285.95


  • 20 watt halogen modeling lights
  • Head comes with two cooling fans
  • Built-in handle for easy hand held use

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Category Lighting
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