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Finding Freelance Photography Jobs Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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What is 1Stop-Photography?

 1Stop-Photography is a community of photography industry professionals. An easy to use platform where clients, photographers, and other photography-related creatives all come together to make good things happen. With 1Stop-Photography, finding freelance photography jobs has never been so simple. 

Once the photography industry was highly fractured and dispersed; photographers needed to do a lot of legwork to get their portfolios in front of prestigious clients or had to engage in extensive networking in order to build up a team of dependable collaborators. And if you were based outside the world’s main photographic centers, landing freelance photography jobs was doubly challenging.  

Not anymore. Now, 1Stop-Photography is revolutionizing the world of professional photography by bringing all these diverse elements together in a single convenient location. Creating a virtual photography industry right at your fingertips - wherever in the world you may be. Fashion and hairstylists, makeup artists, photo editors, retouchers, prop stylists and set builders, location scouts, models, casting agents, special effects artists, wardrobe department and tailors; at 1Stop-Photography all these like-minded freelancers converge under one roof to produce stunning photographic work for clients big and small.

With access to such a broad pool of talent, and the opportunity to compete for freelance photography jobs both in your area and further afield, it has never has been so simple to establish a name for yourself as a photographer and start earning real money from reputable clients. 

What Isn’t 1Stop-Photography?

1Stop-Photography is not a photographic agency, nor a stock photography website; nor is it a “photo-mill” where poorly-paid “gig economy” jobs are subcontracted out to a vast team of nameless photographers.

On the contrary, 1 Stop-Photography is simply an online marketing platform where you retain full control over your career as a photographer. We play no part in deciding who you work for when you work for them, nor for how much money. 

Indeed, with 1Stop-Photography, running your photography business is exactly that; your business, and nobody else’s. We’re merely here to put you in touch with talented collaborators and to help make finding freelance photography jobs that little bit less of a chore. 

How Does 1Stop-Photography Work?

Whether you are just starting out in your career as a photographer or are already a seasoned pro, finding work in the photographic industry can be very time-consuming. And let’s be honest; few of us who chose to become a photographer did so out of a love for cold-calling prospects or chasing leads. That’s why we developed 1Stop-Photography; a simple yet comprehensive tool that makes finding freelance photography jobs so much easier. Leaving you free to get on with the parts of the job you genuinely enjoy.

1Stop-Photography brings the entire photography industry to your device. Firstly you gain access to an extensive pool of talent you can draw upon to build up a team of trusted collaborators. Most importantly though, clients looking to hire the services of photographers just like yourself post their vacancies on 1Stop-Photography’s Job Opportunities board on a daily basis. And when your skills are particularly suited to a certain project, you can also expect to be contacted directly by clients requesting they you provide a quote for their freelance photography jobs.


What Kind of Photography Jobs Can I Find on 1Stop-Photography?

On the client-side of things, 1Stop-Photography is intended for anyone from a Fortune 500 company in need of a photographer for their next global advertising campaign, through to a magazine editor looking to commission an in-depth editorial story. Or a local catering company requiring mouth-watering food shots for their online branding, to a private individual who wants to update their LinkedIn headshots or hire someone to photograph their child’s birthday party. 

In short, on 1Stop-Photography you can expect to find the full spectrum of freelance photography jobs, from still-life shoots to events photography; wedding photography to portraiture; e-commerce to sports. And a whole lot else besides. 

The advantages of 1Stop-Photography’s job marketplace do not stop here though. As we aim to be a truly global platform, job listings on 1Stop-Photography are also posted to partner job boards and are viewable by non-members visiting the site - including those working in various related professions, such as marketing, admin, and finance. So beyond finding freelance photography jobs of your own, you may also want to use the platform as a client; posting vacancies to hire extra employees or other freelancers in order to grow your business. 

How Can 1Stop-Photography Help Me Find More Freelance Photography Jobs?

Membership of 1Stop-Photography offers numerous clear benefits to the freelance photographer. What follows are just a few of the highlights.

● Generate Leads

No matter how talented you are as a photographer, finding high-paying clients is always a challenge. That’s where 1Stop-Photography comes in, putting photographers such as yourself in touch with companies who both appreciate your skills and have need for your services. 

As it’s the area in which photographers often require the most assistance in their careers, generating leads for freelance photography jobs is at the heart of 1Stop-Photography’s game plan. And in today’s dynamic and fast-paced photography industry, speed is always of the essence, so whether a client contacts you directly through your Profile or via the Get Quotes page, you will receive immediate notification. At which point it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to pursue a lead or not. 

● Showcase Your Talents

Not only does 1Stop Photography offer you the opportunity to apply for current and up-to-date freelance photography jobs, but you also have the possibility to generate direct inquiries from clients by means of your portfolio. Importantly, though, with 1Stop-Photography you are in full control of your image as a photographer, having the choice of either linking to an existing online portfolio, or creating a new gallery of your work on the platform itself. Either option will significantly boost your online presence, increasing the likelihood of your work being discovered by potential clients from far and wide.

As a photographer, personal branding is everything. 1Stop-Photography provides you with the tools to take full control of your brand image by uploading your logo, brochures, and even explainer videos. You may also connect your 1Stop-Photography Profile to any existing online presence you may already have, simply by linking to your 1Stop-Photography portfolio. 

1Stop Photography is designed to be so much more than merely a directory of freelance photographers; providing a wide array of tools to market your services to clients. The more the comprehensive your profile and the more complete your portfolio, the more successful you will be in securing freelance photography jobs via the platform.

For those who require an even greater degree of personalization, 1Stop-Photography offers additional services to assist you in customizing your portfolio page. Please get in touch for more details.

● Connect With Like-Minded Professionals

As a place where ambitious photo-industry creatives come to get things done, 1Stop-Photography is the ideal platform for virtual networking and the forging of career-long professional relationships. And remember, as a photographer you are only ever as good as the team you work with; surround yourself with 1Stop-Photography’s fast-growing community of creative talents and watch your photography business soar. 

One very effective way of connecting with other creatives is by becoming a “thought leader,” sharing your photography industry ideas and experiences in the form of articles or blog posts. Handily, 1Stop-Photography includes a free blogging section; permitting you to publish written content that will both help to raise your profile as a photographer and drive extra traffic to your portfolio. 

● Increase Trust and Credibility

With so many photographers competing for the same jobs, online reviews have become an essential element of the photography world today. Gaining positive reviews will increase trust in your talents and professionalism, massively increasing your chances of securing new photographic commissions. This is particularly true in the first few years of your career, when you may not yet have secured the kind of household-name-clients that are so reassuring and persuasive for new leads.

In addition to requesting reviews from new clients found through 1Stop-Photography itself, the platform also provides resources for obtaining and managing reviews from previous or existing clients. When you sign up to 1Stop-Photography, you will automatically receive a direct link to your profile; just send this link to your existing clients in order to request a review. 

All membership levels can receive reviews, with Premium and Business members also able to manage their reviews as they please. Please note that, beyond monitoring for inappropriate language contravening community standards, 1Stop-Photography will never edit, remove, or in any other way alter its members’ reviews - either positive or negative. 

● Advertise Services and Events

In addition to promoting your talents as a photographer, 1Stop-Photography also provides the opportunity to advertise any other services you may wish to offer the public. Such as teaching, consulting, art direction, or photo retouching. 

Or perhaps you would like to promote special events such as talks, workshops, or photography courses?   Similarly, photography studio hire is in great demand among 1Stop-Photography’s user-base. So you may also wish to offer your own studio space for rent when you are not using it yourself. 1Stop-Photography provides tools for easily and effectively publicizing services or events via the Events and Classified Ads sections.

What’s more, 1Stop-Photography operates a coupon system, allowing you to offer savings to clients as an incentive to booking more freelance photography jobs with you through the platform. For example, to secure the first job with an important new client, you might want to provide them with an introductory discount. Alternatively, you may choose to reward your long-term clients with a savings coupon from time to time, as a way of thanking them for their continued business.

● Sell Your Products

1Stop-Photography’s online store is the ideal place to sell all kinds of photography-related products. These could be anything from framed prints and photobooks, to used and new photography gear, or even retouching services. Alternatively, you might want to sell prepaid photo-shoots or tickets for photography tours, courses, workshops, and other educational opportunities. Note, however, that a small commission is charged on all products sold through the 1Stop-Photography Store.

● Retain Full Control of Your Photography Business

Successfully competing for freelance photography jobs means differentiating yourself from the competition. And here at 1Stop-Photography, we believe that personal image and branding are among any photographer’s most important assets. For this reason, we’ve built 1Stop-Photography so that it offers photographers the greatest possible scope for autonomy. Indeed, what makes 1Stop-Photography such a powerful tool for freelance photographers is the degree to which you retain control over your own career. 

Aside from offering extensive customization options, you can benefit from all of 1Stop-Photography’s powerful user features via the intuitive profile management system. What’s more, Premium and Business membership plans also include built-in metrics, allowing you to keep track of views to your profile. 

More importantly still, at 1Stop-Photography we believe that the rates you charge for your photography services should remain entirely between yourself and the client. For this reason, you are free to set whatever price you wish on any freelance photography jobs you secure through the platform. And unlike many other photography websites, fees earned on jobs found on 1Stop-Photography are all yours. Indeed, we take no commission whatsoever on the money you make from client work, only charging a small flat fee for the initial connection with the client (and even this fee is waived for Business-level members).

What Does It Cost to Join 1Stop-Photography?

Every photographer is different. In order to better meet your needs, 1Stop-Photography offers a choice of three pricing plans; ranging from entirely free for the Featured account, through $19.99/mo for Premium membership, to $59.99/mo for a Business account. What’s more, setting up a 1Stop-Photography profile is quick and easy. And should you discover that the platform isn’t for you, after all, you can cancel your membership at any time. 

And remember, regardless of whether you go for Featured, Premium, or Business membership, all the money you earn from freelance photography jobs on 1Stop-Photography is yours to keep. For a full list of the benefits associated with each level of 1Stop-Photography membership, you can read more here.


Just bear in mind that annual membership offers by far the best value, representing a saving of 17% on both Premium and Business packages when compared to monthly signup. For even greater savings, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/1stoponlineservices/ channel to receive discount codes providing an additional 30% off membership fees! 

Still not convinced? Why not start with a totally free 1Stop-Photography Featured account, and start confirming new freelance photography jobs today!

Finding Freelance Photography Jobs Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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