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The Power of the Voice

Posted By Kashu

You know the saying: “Actions speak louder than words”. Right? Well, sometimes, WORDS speak way louder than any action in any situation! Think of the best beer commercial you’ve ever seen in your life. Consider the gripping, husky voice and powerful sentences that made you crave that tantalizing sip of beer. How about those emotive car ads? Health commercials? Travel app ads?

The power of the voice can change everything. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right voiceover artist, for all the right reasons. He or she needs to be selected very wisely for the video or 2D animation at hand. The world is full of highly skilled voiceover artists whose talents lie in varying tones. For example, the comedic upbeat guy’s voice won’t work for an emotive health commercial. In the same breath, the emotive health commercial guy’s voice won’t work for the funny advert. That doesn’t mean they’re not both perfect for a job in their own unique way.

Think of a voice you can’t stand to hear. Now, imagine that on an explainer video or 2D animation? As a viewer, you’ll be subconsciously driven away from a product if it leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth…and ears! A weak / mismatched voice can turn any production from “PRO” to “NO” in a matter of seconds!

The right voice reassures viewers that you’re an honest, reliable company. It’s all about relating to your audience while conveying credibility and authority. Most importantly, you need to be memorable. Awesome voiceovers can change an explainer video or 2D animation video completely. After all, the voice is the root of the power of persuasion.

Here at Kashu, we have access to an impressive network of incredibly talented and passionate voiceover artists. Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German and English. Serious, funny, or seriously funny. You name it, you can have it. Don’t let your hard work fall to the sidelines. The right voiceover accelerates the success of your video, making you look like a pro instantly. Get in touch with the Kashu team today. We’re ready to let “the power of the voice” redefine your next video.

The Power of the Voice

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